Experience that counts. Service that exceeds your expectations 

Our philosophy is simple - you speak, we listen, you inspire, we create! Our mission is to exceed your vision and to create extraordinary events and entertainment. We produce shows and provide services for Fortune 500 companies, weddings, and private events. When you work with us you partner with a team with over 50 years of production & creative experience. Not only do we know how to get the job done right, we know all the right questions to ask, and the advance work to do that ensures a stress-free experience on the day of the show. 

Christine "CeCe" 

CeCe has been working in live event production for 15  years and has facilitated the production of hundred of events of all types and sizes - including many with budgets well over six figures. She began working in production as a lighting technician & camera person on hundreds of films and videos.

Almost years later, moving from Hollywood films to Special Events, CeCe knows her way around the entertainment industry.


As an experienced technician, musician, performer & DJ she knows entertainment from the point of view of a producer, performer and AV tech which makes her a triple threat! Her insight in planning extremely valuable, or as a client once said, "when CeCe is there, you just know it is all going to be ok."


From planning through day of, CeCe will make sure that all the elements come together to create a successful event. CeCe is a Duke University alumni and a native New Yorker, but her heart belongs to San Francisco. She loves the outdoors, writing songs and playing guitar, photography, and yoga.

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Brian Poirier

Brian began performing and producing events in his teens. He booked Journey & Y&T and his high school and was the first DJ at the Bammies.  One of his early mentors was Bill Graham. Brian went on to have a very successful career as a headline entertainer, performing at top venues all over the US and beyond.  


He co-produced, directed and starred in a long running and very successful revue for Caesars Entertainment Corporation and many other major casinos.  Brian is masterful with all aspects of event production and the buying process including but not limited to budget, rider and all operations oriented activities.


Brian is a skilled and experienced entertainer & DJ and above all, Brian is a great guy and an absolute joy to work with! He is incredibly creative, positive, high energy and has a special talent and passion for translating his clients' vision into successful live events.