World Fusion


Richard Michos is a professional guitarist who has performed extensively locally and internationally. He is an established studio guitarist and music mentor in the SF Bay Area.  His solo performances are a rich and beautiful tapestry of guitar mixed with a masterful use of loops which give an amazingly full, wonderful listening experience.  A mix of international, pop, and jazz styles give a soothing and interesting effect, and audiences are always complimentary.  Michos plays electric and acoustic guitar, double string styles, sampling and guitar synthesis. He specializes in fusing traditional melodic forms in with modern grooves and instrumentation.  He has recorded albums for numerous artists, and is the producer of the world music group Shabaz, (available on I-Tunes), which has been reviewed with stars in Billboard and was highly rated on the CMJ radio chart, and featured in articles in both Rhythm magazine and Folk Roots as well as NPR.  



This act can also be expanded to include strings, exoctic world music instruments, and percussion. 

Uptempo Jazz Fusion - Richard Michos
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